Wedding Transportation

  • Let your drive to the altar be an experience
  • We literally wont leave you standing in the rain
  • We offer a fair cost-benefit-ratio
  • We gladly provide all day service

With a limousine into the marriage!

The best day of your life – you´ve lovingly planned everything, picked the rings, organised the ceremony, sent out the invitations…. Now let us make your drive to the altar another wonderful experience on this best day of your life.

How would you like this? A chauffeur opens the door to a romantic and beautifully decorated limousine, he holds an umbrella in case the weather is not on your side and cautiously drives you to the church and/or registry office as another highlight on this important day.

We support you from the selection of the flower arrangement to the coordination of the shuttle service for the entire wedding party. Give us a call!

We provide very special driving services and extravagant ideas for all kinds of anniversaries, birthdays or other occasions that are close to your heart.